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The two-channel NAP 250 amplifier, launched in 1975, is perhaps Naim Audio's most well-known analogue product, as its basic circuit layout was shared by all the company's power amplifiers until the introduction of the flagship NAP500 in 2000.The Naim NAIT, its first integrated amplifier, "one of the most controversial and famous integrated amps in the history of Hi Fi" has acquired a "legendary" status among integrated amplifiers. He successfully developed the NA T01 and NAT101 FM tuners and piloted the development of the Hi-Cap power supply and the −5 modifications to the company's burgeoning pre-amplification (NAC42 and 32) and the NAXO active crossover and the ARO uni-pivot tonearm developed jointly with David Beck.

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It was here he conceived the idea for a unique, sturdy and reliable line of amplifiers.Jadis has stayed small over the years but always focused on the necessary ingredients for success: handcrafted components built without compromise using the best components available.