Eclipse updating maven dependencies slow

07-Nov-2017 13:17

Therefore I'd like to propose some features that might improve our situation:- Allow actions ( on individual modules rather than the whole project only- Allow full control over which modules are built by IDEA, and which are taken from the Maven repository, with the ability to rapidly change this "working set"- Offer a more lightweight Maven integration, similar to eclipse:eclipse and the former idea:idea I'm a big fan of IDEA and try to promote it where I can, but unless Maven integration improves soon, our team will have to abandon IDEA and go back to Eclipse. Cheers, Peter PS: We are currently using Diana EAP build 8890, but have had similar issues with IDEA 7.Each developer checks-out entire trunk that contains ~150 maven modules linked via the default ‘x-SNAPSHOT’ dependency.Maven veterans probably flinch now because this way of managing internal dependencies in a large project is probably considered ‘lame’.

eclipse updating maven dependencies slow-51

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It happened between Eclipse and Netbeans supporters. Each side tried their best to convince people from the other side to use their favourite IDE.From there, Eclipse simply dominates the market share of Java IDE for the next decade.Even the C/C and Php folks also built their IDE plugin on top of Eclipse. Eclipse is still good, but not that much better than its competitors any more.Maven ‘by-the-book’ approach may put emphasis on keeping the internal dependency links to a specific version.

I’m a pragmatic developer and I see pros & cons of both approaches.

Look at what Netbeans offers, it is quite interesting for me to see how far Netbeans has improved and how Eclipse is getting slower and more difficult to use nowadays than in the past.