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30-Aug-2017 02:47

A friend suggested me to not put in further efforts since it was not going to work out in India!

But with the help of my channel partner we had Office Canteen Bar as a venue for the event, which was prettier than what we had before! These gave me the outline of all the things that needed to be taken care of to make the Meet credible and comfortable for the participants.

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We've been featured in some very high profile places! It’s Just Lunch is the #1 Personalized Matchmaking service in the world! No online dating profile for the world to see.26 Years’ Experience working with single professionals.To kick off each semester, my students speed date books.

I’ll give our media center specialists a little information about my class, and they go to work pulling high-interest books.As a proponent of choice reading, I am always looking for ways to get books into the hands of my students and have them build their reading list, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s week than having your students speed date books?