Retrieving dropdownlist gridview rowupdating event

06-Aug-2017 14:26

Although Web server controls are rendered as HTML, their object model does not necessarily reflect HTML syntax. Other controls, such as the Grid View and Details View controls, support data display and editing. The Button Field Base class provides the methods and properties that are common to all button fields. The Web Control class serves as the base class for many of the classes in the System. NET control that implements the Data Source Control pattern introduced with ASP. It is similar to the Object Data Source and Sql Data Source controls in that it can be used to declaratively bind other ASP. Where it differs is that instead of binding directly to a database (like the Sql Data Source) or to a generic class (like the Object Data Source), the on my page that points to my LINQ to SQL datacontext class, and identify the entities (for example: Products) in the LINQ to SQL data model I want to bind against.

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