Updating navigation bar

29-Nov-2017 22:12

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This will force a change in the nav bar of the current controller.

Samsung has released a lot of updates, including patches and additional feature updates to the Galaxy S8.

Essentially allowing users to use even more of the screen real estate that’s provided on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

Once the update is installed, and the user taps on the dot, there is a pop up that explains what is happening there.

The update also brings a tweak or two to the navigation bar, including the ability to hide it with a little dot off to its left (see image below), along with a really limited set of color options for it.

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Additionally, the guys at are under the impression that this update may also break may of the Bixby remapper apps that had been previously working. I seem to recall a certain Samsung employee suggesting that the initial kill-job was fine because Android users always find another way. To grab the update, head into Settings: T-Mobile has adjusted the wording after “Google Daydream capable” to include “with Google availability.” In other words, the phone is ready for Daydream, we’re just waiting on Google to press the green button.

But most apps should work properly with the navigation buttons hidden, that’s just an extra precaution by Samsung to keep users from freaking out.