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Compare this with, say, a Honda CBR1000RR, which has a stroke of only about 2.25 inches. Now, remember the poor lubricants and substandard metals of a century ago?

Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson had really only figured out that when they wanted to go faster, all they had to do was make a bigger engine! There are two ways to make engines bigger: You can increase their bore (the diameter of the cylinder) or their stroke (the distance the piston moves up and down inside the cylinder).

An engine's bore-to-stroke ratio tells us something about how it was designed and how it will perform.

In 1937 the Flatheads got the same recirculating oiling system that had been introduced on the Knuckleheads in 1936.

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Before that year, Flatheads had a rather crude gravity feed one-way total loss lubrication system whereby any oil that was not burnt in the cylinders eventually ended up on the pavement...

The Flathead Bobbers website is dedicated to all Bobbers, Choppers, Oldschool motorcycles and Custom bikes powered by one of the many versions of the classic Harley Flathead Engine.

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